Commit to doing your own work to live anti-racism

Follow and read the words of Black and Indigenous People of Color and non-Black People of Color. Subscribe to, buy, and read the works of Fakequity, For Racial Justice in Seattle Schools, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Ijeoma Oluo, Ibram X. Kendi.

Organize with white ally groups with accountability to BIPOC communities, like the Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites, European Dissent, and Integrated Schools Seattle.

Pledge to put your money where your values are

As an individual

“I pledge that when making decisions to offer financial support to individual Seattle schools or parent-teacher organizations, I will prioritize donations to those with fewer resources than the school(s) my children attend. I will actively encourage my own PTO/PTA to do the same, with the goal of promoting racial equity for students across Seattle.”

As an organization

“Our organization has signed onto and fully supports SCPTSA’s “Take Back PTA” resolution. We commit to focusing our organizational work primarily on advocacy for all Seattle students. We fundraise only for the purposes of community building, advocacy, and  direct family support–not to fund parts of basic education that should be funded by the State. Our budgets will be transparent and publicly available. We believe that this focus on advocacy, community, and family engagement will help build a better, more racially just future for all Seattle students, and therefore for all Seattle.”


Donate directly to the Community Solidarity Relief Fund through the Alliance for Education (indicate in the comment box that your donation is for this fund).

The Community Solidarity Relief Fund allows Community Based Organizations and PTSAs to provide direct assistance to students and families with immediate needs, especially those experiencing tremendous hardship related to Covid-19. Individual donors, PTAs, and organizations are encouraged to donate and share the love (and money!).

Donations go into a fund held by the Alliance for Education. This fund compliments the Right Now Needs Fund by providing smaller, more immediate dollar amounts directly to families. CBOs and PTSAs make requests for funds because they are in the best place to know individual needs for students and families. Donations go directly to families and are not tax-deductible. Funds can be used for food, medical and other necessities, and school materials for students.

This fund has the potential to set the foundation for how schools and individuals across the city support one another as we work to ensure high-quality education for every student in Seattle and at the current moment, this fund is serving the role of providing resources to sustain students’ ability to focus on learning.


Let your school board representatives and state legislators know that you value racial equity in education. This means advocating for kids farthest from educational justice to get what they need fully, amply, and first.

Redesign your PTA Budget

Reflect the singular PTA mission to advocate for ALL students (not just the students at your school). Yes! You can do this! We all have the opportunity to move to new, more equitable PTA budgets!

Add long-term commitments to anti-racism trainings and workshops for parents and staff; host and support professionally facilitated (by BIPOC leaders) race affinity groups within your school community. Commit real money toward these steps.

Designate a large percentage of your PTA budget to share with other less well-resourced schools or the Community Solidarity Relief Fund. Add a note in the comment section to donate to this fund, which is designed to help meet the urgent needs of Seattle Public Schools families.